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We designed and built the mARELLS website some time ago and provide a photographic & website service to them. The following is directly from their own BLOG page…

This is a story starts with a sad beginning and one that is not unusual! Whilst the story has a happy ending, let’s look at why Marells offer a ‘new car’ detailing service.

Automotive dealers are under huge pressures from just about every angle possible, making their jobs far more difficult and harder. Expenditure must be considered on each car being supplied including the valeting and pre-delivery services. So often we find brand-new vehicles being delivered with damaged paintwork with the usual swirls and polishing halos that are not always obvious when collecting a car in dull weather conditions.

This true story provides in insight to our work and our ‘new car’ detailing services.

My website designer and photographer has recently purchased a new Ford Puma ST and a new Focus ST MK4, just 5 months apart. Supplied NEW by same franchised Ford dealer, these vehicles were far from ‘new condition’. The Puma ST had many paintwork swirls and polishing marks with a dirty engine bay, whilst the Focus ST was in horrific condition with every single area of the body paintwork seriously damaged through extremely poor valeting/polishing. It was literaly covered in deep scracthes!

As mentioned, this is not an isolated case and only just recently, we received a 1 year-old Audi A4 S-Line Avant having been delivered by the franchised dealer with poorly polished paintwork.

See our Puma ST gallery images here >>
See our Audi S-Line gallery images here >>

We have included many images of the damage inflicted to the Focus ST’s paintwork which were taken under normal workshop lighting conditions. These have NOT been embellished in anyway.

Our job was to first remove the poorly applied paint coating and then return the paintwork back to its original factory condition. Once the paintwork had been detailed and completed, we applied a coat of ceramic to ensure the paintwork remains protected. The whole job took an amazing 14 hours

See our Focus ST gallery images here >>

This report is not designed to criticise automotive dealers but to suggest that they consider sending specific vehicles direct to our workshops, or any specialist detailer to carry out their valeting. Indeed, many prestige dealers are now doing just that! Paint damage is often received long before a vehicle reaches the dealers workshops especially in transit or at the dockside holding areas. Sadly and due to cost, many valeters are inexperienced and cause damage to new car paintwork without being aware!