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I have attended the London Classic Car Show since its first opening, both as an event photographer and as an exhibitor with Kent Ferrari run by Peter Critchell. Prior to the 2020 show at Olympia, I contacted several of my clients who were exhibiting there to arrange the photography of their stands. During the show I encountered an automotive business called cabung. I was taken back by the product and its MD and founder, John England.

Indeed, following an enjoyable conversation, I asked John if I could take over his marketing and include a new website for him. Thankfully, he agreed, and this has proved to be an extremely exciting project.

Just as the Coronavirus was hitting us and causing disaster for many businesses, I took the decision to take all the photographs I would need for the website and marketing materials early in the project. Thankfully, these have kept me busy during lockdown.

Whilst many people have been terribly hit by this dreadful virus, I have been lucky in that I have been kept busy with website projects and clients calling for help. I have over 25 years of library images from many supercar photoshoots and race meetings. As such, I have been able to keep my clients supplied with images for their social media posts etc.

Not everything is great as many of my photoshoots were sadly cancelled and projects put off until we know more about where we stand with regard lockdown.

On a personal note, I have to say that whilst this is a sad part in our history, we do have so many ways to communicate with loved ones and business colleagues that our grandparents never had during WWII.

I must also say that I have taken advantage of the extra time I have by paying for advanced online courses in subjects that will benefit my clients.